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The principle of the matrix is simple: in the first column, the spots are sorted from North to South or from West to East, depending on the coastline. If the cell remains off, there are no waves, or the conditions are not met for a decent surf session. If the cell is lit (blue > 0.3m / pink > 1m, orange > 2m), one can consider going into the water depending on one's level and the type of waves sought. If the cell contains a "~" , then one should expect choppy water, these are not ideal conditions. If the cell is blank, then the trend is towards smooth/glassy water, as we like it. Happy surfing!

There aren't waves every day in the Mediterranean Sea, but with careful searching, it's often possible to find waves suitable for surfing. If surfing is your passion and you're looking for the ideal conditions for your next session, you've come to the right place. The wave forecast matrix at Prevision.Surf offers you an accurate and easy-to-use prediction system, allowing you to identify at a glance when and where to head. We provide you with the most precise and straightforward wave forecast for the Mediterranean Sea, including swell and wind, as well as trends about the sea state. Thanks to real-time data on waves, wind, air temperature, and water temperature, you'll always be ready to grab your board and enjoy the waves of the beaches in the Valencian Community. Surf conditions and waves at the best spots in the Valencian Community: Peñíscola, Castellón, Port Sagunt, Valencia, Cullera, Gandía, Jávea, Calpe, Alicante.

Weather data by Open-Meteo.com

Generated using ICON Wave forecast from the German Weather Service DWD

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