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The life of a surfing enthusiast is not always easy in the Mediterranean. The quest for waves can prove to be long and complex, and one often needs to be ready to travel "some" kilometers. Waves are rare, so one must seize every opportunity as soon as a swell appears. After consuming numerous tanks of gas, spending hours and hours consulting forecast websites and apps, spot by spot, page by page, comparing each chart, searching for the optimal point on weather maps in quest of the slightest swell, I finally felt the desire to create my own wave forecast solution: a solution that would allow me to know at a glance where and when I could surf! I therefore chose to unite two passions and put my web skills at the service of the Prevision.Surf project. This is how the wave matrix of Prevision.Surf was born. Select a region to discover the matrix and find your next surf session. Good surfing!

Weather data by Open-Meteo.com

Generated using ICON Wave forecast from the German Weather Service DWD

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